Barefoot APPA is the life-story of a seven years old young man. His life experiences during that time and the way he looked out of his young eyes. The closeness of his direct environment, the way the people treated each other, and the trade between neighbors without seeing a coin in the transaction.

A young man that was brought up without the material world, luxurious  life with electricity, water from the tap, cooking gas and even the smallest chance for education. No way to learn any profession. Elements that we see now as totally normal, or sometimes even as nothing at all. With all these obstacles in his life this young man still grew up to become a globally known person.

The book also gives knowledge of the history of the Caribbean Island, Common Wealth of Dominica and its indigenous Amerindian tribes who live there even now. A book filled with colorful drawings, full with inspiration wisdom and fruit-full-life-saving-knowledge for the youth and adult.

As the writer I have painted all these drawings first, and after drawing them I wrote the youth stories about APPA with one aim in mind. The aim is to open a world-recognized music school on the nature Island of Common Wealth of Dominica. A school that can provide a chance for all children, especially for the ones that will have no chance to afford an instrument, or any other form of education.

The idea is to use the profits of this book to create this music school.

Thank you for your love for life and your share for the aim.

Illustrator and author: Helen Linkers-Fontaine.